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Marcus Marinkovich homework 911

Marcus Marinkovich homework 911 - the revolutions of the...

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Marcus Marinkovich Luther doesn’t think that sins are forgiven because of the indulgence letters. He thinks that those who think they will be saved by indulgences will go to hell. A person who is truly sorry for his sins will be forgiven. Doing good deeds are more important than giving money to the church. Copernicus thinks that earth is not the center of the universe. He sees that the center of
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Unformatted text preview: the revolutions of the other planets would not be earth. He wonders if the planets are moving away from earth or if the earth is moving away from the planets. He says that earth revolves from west to east. Otherwise the orbit of the sun would have to go around earth every day to meet the requirement that it currently fulfills. The heavens are on the outsides of the sphere....
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