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Marcus Marinkovich 2. The Mandate of Heaven was what the Chinese used an explanation as to whether the king or the country had success or failure. They would have success if they had good morals. If a kingdom failed it was because they had bad morals. This theory was created by Zhou so he could defend his overthrowing of Shang. When Yi Yin says, “Oh! of old the former kings of Xia cultivated earnestly their virtue, and then there were no calamities from Heaven,” he is saying how important it is not to sin 1. The Rights and the responsibilities of the governed are to be obedient and submissive
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Unformatted text preview: to the government since they were created by God. Domat likens king to being God so you need to obey the king like you would God. People are supposed to follow all the laws and to do everything the government asks. The rights and the responsibilities of the monarch are they like God, so they should just let God rule. The monarch should administer justice and enforce the laws of the Church. Monarchs are free to build beautiful and expensive things to show that they are king and how much power they have. The king should follow the laws as they apply to him....
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