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homework 1010

homework 1010 - person Locke agrees that people lose their...

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Marcus Marinkovich Marcus Marinkovich Week 6 In John Locke’s Two Treatises of Modern Governmen, he says that men are born free to control their property, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Locke says that the government is free to rule in cases between the people. In Jean Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract, he says that the state controls the property. It controls the property through the power given to them by the people. Both Locke and Rousseau agree that a person loses all of their natural rights in a society, but the society makes them a better
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Unformatted text preview: person. Locke agrees that people lose their natural rights when they join a society. Rousseau says that people are forced to follow the general will of society rather than their individual will. The general will of the society causes the state to try and achieve the goals that it was founded on. Locke says that absolute monarchy is the only government in the world and that there are differences between it and society. Rousseau says that political theorists give rulers all these powers such as to tax, judge, wage wars, etc....
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