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homework 1128 - 2 I would characterize Lenin’s Call to...

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Marcus Marinkovich 10-28-07 1. The Canadians joined up with the British and the French in an invasion. They lost a lot of men as the Germans picked them off one by one. Even when they were in holes escaping from the rifle fire, they would still be shot when they took a peek up. They were able to kill some Germans who had forgotten about the enemies closest to them and were looking to far ahead.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. I would characterize Lenin’s Call to Power as a matter of dire, immediate importance. He wants the people to act now, so they can get power today and not tomorrow. 3. The Young Turks plan for the Ottoman Empire was a lot of freedoms. Freedom to vote at the age of twenty, religion, own property, and education. They wanted the national language to be Turkish....
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