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Week 1: Worlds Together, Worlds Apart A. Worlds Together 1. Connections Mongols Silk Road Marco Polo Ibn Batuta black death 2. Indian Ocean Trade Dar al-Islam, the abode of Islam Great Zimbabwe Melaka Zheng He 3. Mediterranean Sea – West Africa Mali; Timbuktu B. Worlds Apart 1. Sub-Saharan Africa Maya Mexica (Aztecs) Tenochtitlan
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Unformatted text preview: • Inca 3. North America • Mississippian Culture • Cahokia • Anazasi • Pueblo Peoples 4. China • Ming Dynasty 5. Japan • Warring States Period 6. Eastern Europe & the Slavic Peoples • Kiev Rus • Duchy of Lithuania • Muscovy; Ivan III (the Great) 7. Western Europe • Michelangelo; Leonardo da Vinci; Raphael...
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