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eas 122 Chapter 2

eas 122 Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 1 The earth segregated into...

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Chapter 2 1. The earth segregated into different layers because of gravity and density decreases as you go outward from the core to the crust. 2. the earths continents, ocean and atmosphere formed from asteroids and different levels of earth 3. isostasy is the condition of flotation equilibrium wherein the earths crust floats up or down as loads are removed or added 4. energy sources the caused the interior of the earth to heat up is the sun, extra terrestrial bodies, gravity, internal heat from the earth’s core 5. nuclear fusion fuses atoms together, nuclear fission breaks it apart 6. the speed the earth travels around the sun is ….. 7. the relatively small moon has drastic effects on the tides, more than the sun because the moon takes 24 hours and 52 minutes to return to the overhead position while the sun only takes 24 hours so the moon appears to move relative to the sun 8. The earth is 4.5 billion years old. This is determined by old rocks and such but it
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