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Federalism chapter 3

Federalism chapter 3 - Federalism(A How government is...

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Federalism (A) How government is organized a. Unitary system i. The parliament makes all the decisions of the government and the lower government just enforces the decisions b. Confederation i. Loose grouping of states that have something in common. ii. States are sovereign iii. National government is weak, State government is strong c. Federal System i. 2 levels of governmentm 1. state 2. national (B) Federalism- Good/Bad a. Bad segregation b. Good 1. ended segregation 2. increase in political activity 3. ideas bubble up from states (C) Ideas of Federalism a. Ideals of government i. Article VI-> national supremacy b. Hamilton vs. Jefferson i. Bank of the United States 1. Hamilton wanted to have the bank 2. Jefferson didn’t want the bank a. Said that the Constitution had nothing concerning the creation of the bank ii. Hamilton- elastic/necessary and proper clause (loose) 1. Article 1 lists the expressed powers a. Can declare war, regulate commerce b. Implied Powers c. McCulloch V. Maryland i. 2 questions 1. Can we have a bank of the United States?
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