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ch 8 review - Marcus Marinkovich The Presidency Key Terms...

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Marcus Marinkovich The Presidency Key Terms Match Match the following terms and descriptions: a. cabinet A president’s council of advisers. b. legislative veto- rejection of presidential or agency action by a vote of one or both houses of Congress without the consent of the President. c. continuing resolution -congressional enactment that provides funds to continue government operations without an agreed upon budget d. Council of Economic Advisors- Group composed of professional economists that carries out economic studies for the president and provides economic advice on economic trends. e. electoral college A legal system by which states select electors who then vote for the president and vice president. f. Executive Office of the President (EOP) Agencies that perform staff services for the president but are not part of the White House. g. executive privilege The presidential assertion of the right to withhold certain information from Congress. h. Federal Reserve Board A seven-person board, nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate, that influences both the supply and price of money. i. impeachment A constitutional procedure by which federal judges and civil officers can be removed from office before their terms expire. j. impoundment A presidential refusal to spend money appropriated by Congress. k. independent agencies- Agencies headed by appointees who serve for fixed terms and can be removed only “for cause.” l. inherent powers- Powers not specified in the Constitution that are claimed by the president by virtue of office. m.
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ch 8 review - Marcus Marinkovich The Presidency Key Terms...

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