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Chapter32-AmericanLifeintheRoaringTwenties - • Scopes...

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A) Intolerance 1) Define – refusing to accept difference 2) Examples a) Red Scare Bolshevik Revolution Communism Why did America fear communism? Communism ownership by group public ownership government runs economy government politics dictatorship Capitalism private ownership of property supply and demand representative democracy shift – wartime economy to peacetime economy (a) took time (b) prices rise (i) lack of goods / high demand (ii) workers demanding pay increases (c) STRIKES! Palmer Raids b) Sacco and Vanzetti c) Ku Klux Klan d) Immigration laws Eastern / southern Europe Quota system Eugenics Ban on all Japanese immigration e) Scopes Trial Clash between modernism and fundamental religious beliefs Urban vs. rural Clash of values John Scopes biology teacher in Tennessee Passed law saying only creationism could be taught
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Unformatted text preview: • Scopes broke the law and taught Darwinism (a) 1 st amendment stepped on (b) no separation of freedom of religion (c) separate church and state • Defense Attorney – Clarence Darrow (a) Most famous lawyer • Prosecutor – Bryan • Scopes was convicted but not punished B) Prohibition 1) 18 th amendment a) ban on all alcohol in country 2) Volsted Act a) How 18 th would be carried out b) No production, selling, transportation of alcohol in USA 3) Smuggling – Canada, Bahamas 4) Speakeasies 5) Home-made alcohol 6) Gangsterism C) Mass Consumption Economy 1) Mass production of consumer goods a) Assembly line Ford 2) Advertising D) Automobile E) Airplane 1) Lindbergh a) Spirit of St. Louis F) Radio / Film...
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Chapter32-AmericanLifeintheRoaringTwenties - • Scopes...

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