Chapter 6 Campaigns and Elections

Chapter 6 Campaigns and Elections - v. who participates 1....

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Chapter 6 Campaigns and Elections (A) Odd/Ends a. Tons of elected officials, tons of elections b. Low voter turnout c. Diminished power of political parties d. Political participation i. Active ii. Inactive iii. Why don’t people participate 1. no reward 2. road blocks to registration/ voting a. Being white, male, and property owners i. 15 th amendment- black males could vote ii. post Civil War- restrictions 1. literacy test 2. poll tax 3. grandfather clause iii. 19 th amendment- removal of male/female dictation iv. 24 th amendment- end poll tax v. 1965 voting rights act 1. end literacy test vi. 26 th amendment- 18 year old iv. Why do they participate 1. civic duty
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Unformatted text preview: v. who participates 1. more educated 2. older people vi. voter turnout 1. Presidential elections-? 49%-60% of eligible voters turnout 2. comparison-? Late 1800s- fair comparision? a. Spoils system b. Ballot types- party ballots versus Australian ballots c. Voter fraud 3. improving voter turnout a. voting age population- VAP b. % of registered voters c. can we improve vot6er turnout by simplifying voter registration e. BCRA- 2002 i. Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (McCain-Feingold) 1. prior to this law no limits on soft money 2. independent expenditures...
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