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Chapter Five Standardized Testing

Chapter Five Standardized Testing - considering the...

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Standardized Testing: - began during WWI as a way of screening soldiers who had been drafted from various parts of the country. - are timed (paper and pencil) tests consisting of multiple-choice, true-false, and/or matching items. - is based on behavioral objectives with the results of a single test determining the evaluation result. Criterion Referenced Test – exams that have set standards upon which the test items have been developed. Norm Referenced Test – exams that are taken by students throughout all the regions of the country at the same grade level and time of year. The number of items correct is computed with the results presented in the percentiles. Item Analysis – teachers look at a group’s performance on the test and determine
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Unformatted text preview: considering the breakdown of the test items related to a specific teaching objective. How Do You Prepare Your Students For Standardized Testing? THE BEST WAY IS CURRICULUM TEACHING! Teachers target instruction toward a specific body of content knowledge or cognitive skills, etc. that will be presented in a specific test rather than just the test items. Strategies for Testing • Increase free reading or silent reading time to at least the length of the longest subtest. • Practice filling in bubble sheets (scantrons) • Have a positive outlook about standardized testing and it will rub off on your students!...
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