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UNIT 1 ESSAY - Cesar A McFarlin Kathleen Founds WRT 205"We...

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Cesar A. McFarlin Kathleen Founds WRT 205 02-10-2008 “We were Reds, and we sure were scared” 1 “The Reds, phonies and the parlor pinks seem to be banded together and are becoming a national danger” (Fariello 31). These were the words that President Truman wrote upon his diary. A year after writing this on March 12, 1947 a request was made before Congress for a global war against communism. This act would later be remembered as the Truman Doctrine. However thirteen days later on March 25, 1947, “President Truman brought his anti-Communist war home to America… he put his signature Execute Order 9835 and launched the Federal Employees Loyalty Program, The most sweeping loyalty inquiry in the nation’s history” (Fariello 36). All aspects of the employees personal life was under the microscope now at the discretion of the government. Things got real bad when Eisenhower’s Executive Order 10450 came into play. This order “mandated immediate suspension without pay for “any behavior, activities, or association which tends to show that the individual is not reliable or trustworthy” (Fariello 40). Now the burden of proof was on the accused now and where not protected if they were to plead the fifth. According to Samuel Stouffer of Harvard University, 73 percent who participated in a national poll would turn in their neighbors or acquaintance that they suspected to being Communist. What pitted the American public against one another was the belief given to them by the media that communism had reached America and would ultimately undue the type of life they come to love. A lot of the violence came from “American Racialist” where the involved with much of the acts during the Red Scare. “By 1919 American radicals had already engendered much 1 1 This is a direct quote from Griffen Fariello’s book “Red Scare” . It is found on page 10 it is a quote from Sylvia Thompson communist radical who was sent to a concentration camp. Story can also be found on pages 247-249.
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McFarlin - 2 suspicion and fear” (Murray 18) which led to the May Day riots, a series of violent demonstrations throughout Ohio against believed communist reds. During this event two were killed and left many severely injured. 116 where arrested on the charge of “assault with the intention to kill”. What started these May Day riots where a parade of supporters of Eugene Debs, a union leader for the American Railroad Union (ARU).
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