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Infosys Team Case - Black Jaguars Infosys Team Case We...

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Black Jaguars Infosys Team Case We believe that the current business level strategy was differentiation. Initially Infosys began with a focus and cost leadership business level strategy. They started with this strategy to get their name recognized in the market. With the “who” component “Infosys decided to focus first on the United States market, given its size and the wide differential between the labor cost of U.S. and Indian software professionals” (ITC 3). This strategy helped Infosys save on cost and make their name into the market. To the company benefit, India loosened several restrictions on the computer software policies, which allowed Infosys to travel abroad easier and potentially enter into foreign markets. After three years with General Electric, GE began to intensify pressure on Infosys due to GE holding 40% in Infosys revenue. Quickly Infosys learned the important lesson, to never depend on a company for a large amount of their business. With this lesson Infosys became uncomfortable with their small customer base and decided it would be a better idea to broaden their focus strategy. Infosys began to develop a global delivery model with global and proximity development centers in many different areas across the world. Infosys hoped this plan “will help change the image of Infosys from purely a offshore
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Infosys Team Case - Black Jaguars Infosys Team Case We...

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