Compared - MLK and Gandhi

Compared - MLK and Gandhi - hate. MLK followed what Gandhi...

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Cesar McFarlin WRT 205 Kathleen Founds 02 - 20 – 2008 Gandhi and Martin Luther King There are many similarities between these two great men. They both had a injustice put before them and more importantly they both decided to deal with it with the use of nonviolent protest. However what they hope to accomplish by doing so where different. Gandhi wish to remove British influence and rule from his country, where as Martin Luther King (MLK) wished to live side by side with those who hated him. MLK draws from Gandhi’s teaching of love and non-violence and believes in it strongly. He doesn’t want to be “nonaggressive physically but strongly aggressive spiritually” (MLK). Also the use of “agape love” meaning to love someone who hates you regardless of what they do. MLK believed that Gandhi was right when he said that love would stop the vicious cycle of
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Unformatted text preview: hate. MLK followed what Gandhi did, which was to break the law non-violently to show it is unjust. MLK and Gandhi’s means of achieving their goals where the same, but to different ends. Gandhi wished to remove the presence of a countries influences and MLK wishing to live in harmony with a different race. Another difference is that MLK had another resource to help him with his goal, the interpretation of the law. So although MLK followed Gandhi’s teachings on non-violence, he also used the resources put before him to accomplish his goals. He wanted his enemy and his people to coexist and not to be “maladjusted”. However what this proves is that conflicts against the government or any other power can be resolved through non-violence means....
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Compared - MLK and Gandhi - hate. MLK followed what Gandhi...

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