Complicating Gandhi

Complicating Gandhi - Where as in the time of the Red Scare...

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Cesar McFarlin WRT 205 Kathleen Founds 02 – 25 – 08 What would Gandhi say? The conflict I wrote on was the influence of propaganda in the United States during the Cold War. As an effect citizens were quick to turn on each other and cast suspicious eyes on their neighbors. I seriously think Gandhi would have a hard time addressing this problem. The reason being that all riots or marches were advertised as acts of communism. I believe this because at the time the country was scared of anything new due to what was said by government officials, and they ate up all the lies they had to spew out. One concept I believe that may work during these dark times where Gandhi’s belief on befriending enemies and everyone else. If this was followed during these times maybe everyone who has been falsely accused during the time would not have to go through the many hardships and heartaches they had to endure. However I believe that Gandhi’s non-violence protest worked was due to the massive media they attracted that help rally support.
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Unformatted text preview: Where as in the time of the Red Scare the media was controlled by the government and could easily be used against Gandhi’s words. Bringing in Malcolm X’s theory on protesting, which is using violence when it is needed especially in self defense it conflicts with Gandhi’s beliefs. Things needed to be done during the time of the Red Scare, however both ways would of proved difficult to start. In theory Malcolm X’s belief of self defense, was taken when radicals attacked innocent citizens during May day parade. The government quickly used the media to say that it was a provoked by spectators and banned flag waving of the communist flag. No one wanted to go against what was the general census. However there were probably people who saw through the red scare and others who were on the fence about the whole deal. If either Malcolm X’s or Gandhi’s teaching and belief had united the other citizens, the whole thing might have had a different outcome....
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Complicating Gandhi - Where as in the time of the Red Scare...

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