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practice exams key - 39B 40B 41E 42C 43D 44E 45C VersionB...

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Below are the exam keys for Version A and Version B of Midterm1 VersionA: 1C 2B 3E 4E 5A 6D 7C 8B 9D 10A 11B 12D 13E 14D 15E 16E 17B 18B 19B 20A 21C 22E 23D 24C 25C 26D 27E 28B 29C 30D 31C 32A 33B 34A 35B 36E 37B 38C
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Unformatted text preview: 39B 40B 41E 42C 43D 44E 45C VersionB: 1B 2C 3B 4C 5A 6D 7E 8E 9D 10B 11A 12D 13E 14E 15D 16C 17E 18B 19A 20D 21B 22E 23B 24B 25E 26C 27C 28D 29C 30D 31A 32B 33C 34B 35A 36B 37E 38B 39E 40C 41B 42C 43D 44E 45C...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course BIS 1A taught by Professor Gearhart during the Winter '07 term at UC Davis.

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