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Film Midterm - - - - - - - Film Production a large and...

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Film Production – a large and complex process in which industry and art, technology and imagination, entwine Cognition – the intellectual and social processes by which we develop the ability to understand, interpret, and reflect on different dimensions of the movies Distribution: What We Can See - the practice and means through which certain movies are sent to and placed in theaters and in video stores or on tv and cable networks - distribution determines how many copies of a film are available and the number of locations at which the movie can be seen Distributor – a company that acquires the rights to a movie from the filmmakers or producer - sometimes by contributing to the cost of producing that film - that then makes that movie available to audiences by renting or selling it to theaters Feature Film – a longer movie that is the primary attraction for audiences Exclusive Release – premiering in only one or two locations initially (Napoleon 1927) Saturation Booking/Saturated Release – a film with a mass circulation of premieres - screened in as many locations in the US (and sometimes abroad) as possible - Jurassic Park (1993) Wide Release – may premiere at as many as two thousand screens Limited Release – may initially be distributed only to major cities - such as Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs Platforming – releases a film in gradually widening markets and theaters so that it slowly builds its reputation and momentum through reviews and word of mouth Block Booking – a distributor pressures a movie theater to accept and show
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Film Midterm - - - - - - - Film Production a large and...

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