Palestine & Israeli conflicts

Palestine & Israeli conflicts - Non-Mandates Egypt Iran...

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Non-Mandates: Egypt Iran Saudiyya Palestine (Israel) – Zionism 7 Important Events 1920 Arab Riots 1920 – Treaty of San Remo – European attempt to provide a treaty and peace for the Middle East. Set up boundaries. Set up boundaries of Palestine. Also included the Balfour declaration. Balfour declaration is British government supporting Zionist state for Jewish people in Isreal. British transformed into civilian administration 1. Great Britain a. Administration b. Great deal transplanted from Egypt c. Internal splits d. Most powerful e. Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al Husseini i. Became major leader of Arab community 2. Arabs a. Nashashibi tended to support British b. Husseini did not support British c. Least powerful 3. Yishuu – Jewish Community a. Many different factions b. Organized and provided positive front c. Second most powerful 1929 Incident at the Western Wall – Wailing Wall Wailing Wall is last remaining remnant of the temple of Solomon. Screen being placed to separate men and women caused many riots. 1936 Arab Revolt and General Strike Arab Higher Committee Al-Qassam – Major guerilla leader in 1936 for Arabs
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1937 Peel Report Partition suggested and is referred to as two state solutions. More than half believe in solution today. Splits into three areas, Jewish, Arab and disputed area to remain under British mandate. 1939 White Paper Limited Jewish immigration to 25,000 annually into Palestine. Consequently, Arab opposite decline while Jewish opposition grows. Jewish right is led by Japotinski and Begin (Irgun). Jewish left is led by Ben Gurion (Haganah). Irgun led military opposition to British. Gurion fight against Britain politically but not militarily due to fear of
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Palestine & Israeli conflicts - Non-Mandates Egypt Iran...

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