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March 28 notes - UAR—United Arab Republic (Egypt, Syria...

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UAR—United Arab Republic (Egypt, Syria and Yemen) Ended up not as strong as Wataniyya (nationalism in one country) 1966—Hafiz al-Assad became the major power within Syria after a coup; pushed Baathist ideology and scolded Egypt for not going as far o People say that Nasser miscalculated with this alliance with Syria—it would eventually lead to war when Syria went to war with Israel. o Golan Heights (NW Syria)—led to Israel building up its forces o All the countries around Israel taunted one another about not doing enough o Egypt finally decided that they had to do something and told the UN that they needed to withdraw forces (UN cannot be there without the country’s permission) o Striats of Aqaba—really narrow Elaat—Israels port on the Red Sea US was in Vietnam, so they couldn’t help Europe was cooling on the idea of helping Israel o French were trying to get closer to the Arab world to get more gas Some Israelis were looking for an excuse for war o People thought that their superiority would only last a couple years o After that they would prolly lose the war 1967 Cairo Conference o Was supposed to be secret Israelis had really good intelligence and had someone taping the conference Syria, Jordanians and Egypt were in alliance against Israel o Israel Moshe Dayan—seen as a hawk in the high Israeli circles; wanted to take a preemptive strike against the alliance (led to the June wars) 1967 War At the beginning of the war, Israelis were winning o (1) Israelis wiped out the Egyptian air force immediately (this was the preemptive strike) o 4 days—had advanced and taken the whole of the Sinai Penninsula o (2)lifted the blockage on Aqaba Nasser sunk ships on the Suez Canal and blocked it (3) Israelis moved troops to Jordan o Attacked the west bank, and took o Took the whole of Jerusalem (the holiest of the Christian, Jewish and
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March 28 notes - UAR—United Arab Republic (Egypt, Syria...

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