WWII Continued

WWII Continued - WWII Continued Hitler believed that the...

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WWII Continued Hitler believed that the reason that the Britain would not submit to Hitler was because they expected the Soviets to enter the war and help defeat him. Hitler decides that if there will be peace, he has to take out the Soviet Union. June 22, 1941—Germany invades the Soviet Union. This invasion took Stalin completely by surprise. Stalin thought that Hitler was a rational statesman, and refused to believe the intelligence that Hitler was going to invade. Stalin wasn’t even that keen about fighting, wanted a diplomatic solution. Germans made quick progress into Soviet territory, and only met resistance in Leningrad and Moscow. Leningrad —besieged the city for 900 days. The Germans were dead set on leveling the city. 800,000 civilians died in the first year of the siege. Moscow —Germans think that they are going to take Moscow quickly and topple the government. As they press harder into Soviet territory, they are less and less able to take land. Old ally, General Winter, who defeated Napoleon, would defeat Hitler. When winter came, the German army wasn’t ready to deal with the harsh conditions and the Soviets push them back. After Pearl Harbor, there was only sentiment against the Japanese, there was no sentiment against the Italians and Germans. The Germans and Italians declaring war on the Americans prompted the Americans to declare war on all of them. Stalingrad —Germans decide to take the city because there is lots of oil in the south, and if they take the city that is named after their leader, it would be a huge blow to the morale of the military. The Soviets were able to mount so many forces that they enveloped the German army and crushed them. Began Dec 1942 and ended February 1943. 250,000 attacked the city, 90,000 German soldiers were captured, and in 1955 only 5,000 returned home. AFRICAN THEATRE Key players: Germany, Italy, Great Britain, United States 1940--Italy launched the attack in North Eastern Africa against the British. Specifically because they wanted to take away the Suez Canal from the British. By December, they launched a counter-attack and successfully defeat the Italians. 1941—Germans decide to come to the aid of the Italians. German forces kick
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WWII Continued - WWII Continued Hitler believed that the...

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