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Collapse of Communism

Collapse of Communism - Collapse of Communism Soviet Union...

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Collapse of Communism Soviet Union o Lenin, Stalin Kruschev o Mikhail Gobarchev —major communist leader in the 1980s Born and raised in the soviet union 1985—head of communist party (thus head of the Soviet Union) believed that reform was necessary to resuscitate the soviet union brought about its end (modernization) o Problems of Soviet Union Economy Not moving Productivity declining Living standards (especially compared to the West) Shortages (housing, food, etc) Technology—tended to be behind the west Environment Coming so far in such a short time brought about the fall of the environment—industrialization Aral Sea— was the worlds largest fresh water lake; water was diverted towards the crops, and a lot of pesticides were being used, so a lot of polluted water (if any) were being put into the sea Chernobyl —nuclear plant--worst nuclear accident in history; April 25-26, 2986 ; experiments=>core went out of control and exploded=>fireball; radioactive material went into the air and spreads 1200 miles; Soviets tried to cover it up, but within 2 days the Swedish government was alerted and had to give it up o 100x greater radiation than bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki o 12 people died, 100,000s people suffered radiation poisoning o area is no longer livable Military Spending Approx. 30% on military o US 15% (actually more than the Soviets 30%) Exacerbated during 1980s o Ronald Reagan —denounced the Soviet Union as an “evil empire” and would thus increase the US military spending and would provide support to anyone who wanted to fight the “evil empire” They were already past their breaking point, but were challenged by the US and had to up spending more o Reforms
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Glasnost —means “openness” Freedom of speech
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Collapse of Communism - Collapse of Communism Soviet Union...

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