India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan - India and Pakistan India Most...

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India and Pakistan India Most important colonial power since Britain lost the American colonies Nationalism had been on the rise for decades o Admired the democracy and capitalist system that Britain (its imperial power) had—wanted to see the things applied in Britain applied in India India could have used WWI to break away from Britain o Actually supported the British war effort o Supported British democracy over German authoritarianism Believe that they will get their independence after WWI because they are such a good colony o Instead they got the Rowland Act of 1918 —Britain to maintain control over India Censored all Indian press and writing Declared that an assembly of 3 or more Indians was illegal Any suspect could be jailed indefinitely without trial Certain court cases could be tried without a jury o For the most part, most British officials didn’t apply the act o General Reginald Dyer—enforced the Rowland act to the letter. Amritsar (a holy city in the north of India)—10,000 men women and children gather to peacefully protest the Rowland Act. They met at a small park that was enclosed by walls. o Dyer gathered his troops and sent them to the park, where they were ordered to open fire without warning o After the firing was finished, there was a dusk until dawn curfew (so people couldn’t come to the aid of the people in the park) 400 dead 1200 wounded o Became known as the Amritsar Massacre (April 1919)
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India and Pakistan - India and Pakistan India Most...

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