WORLD WAR I - WORLD WAR I 4 Long Term Causes 1. France v...

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WORLD WAR I 4 Long Term Causes 1. France v Germany --because of the Franco-Prussian War (before France had been a great continental power, but after, Germany became the great power); Alsace and Lorraine-eventually bites Germany in the ass; 2. Alliance system --Bismarck has this new policy to isolate France in every way possible, he believed that an isolated France would not threaten Germany; Germany allied with the Russians and the Austrians (the two most powerful alliances that Germany (or France) could have); Second alliance-Germany, Austria, Italy (was a defensive alliance); only lasted so long as Bismarck was in power--had to remain chancellor of Germany (could only stay in power because he had a really good relationship with Kaiser Wilhelm I; 1880 he dies--succeeded by Kaiser Wilhelm II--determined to be an active head of state-- brought him into conflict with Bismarck (made decisions against Bismarck's advice) such as to not renew the alliance with Russia); Bismarck had an old tactic with the Kaiser (he would resign) but this didn't work with Kaiser Wilhelm II, and tells him to resign if he wants to so badly (1890) --Bismarck's original idea was to keep France isolated, but without Germany, Russia became isolated as well (and because they were both isolated, they got together) --Things remained relatively peaceful because Britain is not in either alliance system (it remained neutral because Queen Victoria was the grandmother of Russia and Germany's rulers)--when Victoria dies in 1901, her son Edward (King Edward VII) becomes king and doesn't really like his nephew the kaiser so eventually Britain would sign an alliance with France, and then France would eventually convince Britain to sign an alliance with Russia. 3. Imperial tensions are running high 4. Arms Race --everyone had to have the newest toys, weapons were becoming more deadly (improved canons, machine guns, etc); growing naval rivalry between Germany and Britain 1 Short Term Catalyst Assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand (the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire) --were visiting Sarajevo in the Austrian province of Bosnia (June 28 1914, Gavrilo Princip killed Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, was a member of the Black Hand terrorist organization); The Austrian government said that the nearby country, Serbia, was behind the assassination because they supported the Black Hand--some truth behind this; Austria sends Serba an ultimatum and says that Serbia has to comply with every demand--a confrontation between Austria and Serbia, Serbia would lose (so they
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WORLD WAR I - WORLD WAR I 4 Long Term Causes 1. France v...

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