Orens - Cindy Vasquez 11-2-2007 Western Civilization MW-1:...

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Cindy Vasquez 11-2-2007 Western Civilization MW-1: 30 Professor Orens Final Essay Assignment History has showed us a magnitude of theories as well as philosophies that have significantly changed the way we now think. These philosophers have had an impact in many other societies. With numerous and contradicting theories, these enlightenment ideas have been challenged by many. The philosophers and theorist have taken part in challenging certain ideas, along with other theorists. For example, Newtonian’s ideas contrasted those of Albert Einstein and Werner Heisenberg. Another example could be the contrasting beliefs of moral value amongst Darwinist and Hitler and the theories of human nature between philosophers and Sigmund Freud. All of these essential men and women have had a significant influence in the enlightenment age. Many philosophers as well as Newtonian had similar thoughts in certain aspects. They both believed that the universe is a machine, “that only operated on impersonal natural laws.” i This universe only operated according to natural laws in an absolute way, such as space, time and motion. Many philosophers and Newtonian agree that God had no direct involvement in the world that he created. New concepts started taking place which in turn began to undermine the old scientific theories that were believed before. Within the twentieth century this theory was put to test. Albert Einstein’s new revolution
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Orens - Cindy Vasquez 11-2-2007 Western Civilization MW-1:...

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