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Empirical Formula of Zinc Iodide The empirical formula lab was done in order to determine the empirical formula of the binary compound, zinc iodide. The experiment was completed by measuring the reacting masses, and yielded very diverse results. Many things could be attributed to these different results, but most of them could be linked to sampling error. Nirav Patel Chem 211 – 209 September 26, 2007
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Results: Table 1 is an excel worksheet that contains the data that was entered by all of the students after completing the lab. It includes the initial I 2 mass, the initial Zn mass, and the amount of unreacted Zn. Table 2 is an excel worksheet in which all the calculated data for this lab is present. The worksheet includes the amount of reacted Zn, the moles of reacted I2, the moles of reacted Zn and also the mole ratio. These calculations were made using the data from the first worksheet, and for that reason they are also seen once again on this table. Figure 1 is a histogram graph that shows the distribution of mole ratio results amongst the class.
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course CHEM 211 taught by Professor Papanastasiou during the Fall '07 term at George Mason.

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Empirical_Formula_of_Zinc_Iodide - Empirical Formula of...

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