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official language - Sarah Hall A National Language For...

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Sarah Hall A National Language For centuries now, America has come to be known as the melting pot. People of all different races and ethnicities have come together to live here, in our country. Some families have been around for decades, others are brand new and have come in the pursuit of opportunity and to escape the terror of their home country. However, these cultures have not done a very good job blending. Instead of a melting pot, America is more of a salad bowl. All the ingredients are there, but they aren’t really working together. We live in the same land, but we haven’t come together to form one culture, one family. Segregation has not exactly ceased to exist in America. One way that is shown is by our language barrier. Since people have come from all over the world to live here, a lot of different languages are spoken here. However, it has been proposed in the House and Senate that America should have a national language: English. There is a lot of respect for the many different cultures, but if Americans are to ever come together to form our supposed melting pot, there should be one national language. Setting English as our national language would greatly help break down the language barrier that we have so ignorantly built up. Breaking this barrier would help businesses across the nation. Not only the business side that the consumers see, but the manufacturing side as well. If a product’s bottle, such as fabric softener, were only to be written in English, rather than Spanish and French as well, it would lower the cost of making that bottle. As for the side that we see,
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