Contending Voices Chapter 4

Contending Voices Chapter 4 - Contending Voices Chapter 4...

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Contending Voices Chapter 4 Sex, Anarchism, and Domestic Science in Progressive America: Emma Goldman and Ellen Richards EG—prostitute, spoke out about marriage in the early 20 th century, vocal anarchist, thought marriage and prostitution were one in the same Marriage = oldest profession, sold yourself to one man or many, women were looked upon as sex commodities, to gain equality and freedom then needed to be liberated from the oppressive social institution ER—thought marriage was an economic arrangement that had negative effect on women, thought women needed to perform their domestic duties better, good household management would lead to power in and out of home, women did not need to be seen as equals to men (didn’t need to vote) ER (progressive) saw greater efficiency and education as keys to social improvement EG (radical) put faith in dramatic reconstructing of social institutions ER—born Ellen Swallow in New England in 1842, parents were teachers, she became a teacher, for two years she aided mother & helped keep father’s books & hired herself out to cook and clean and tutor She was later diagnosed with neurasthenia—which “proved” that higher education was bad for a woman’s health (too much mental activity led to loss of blood in nervous system and reproductive organs) 1868, age 25, went to Vassar College, bachelors in chemistry in 1870 Men believed higher education for women would make them unsuitable for marriage, destroy their health, and drive them to insanity Went to MIT, only woman, got degree, awarded masters from Vassar MIT wouldn’t let her into program to get PhD b/c of effect it had on the men Worked as lab assistant, relationship with Robert Richards (professor at MIT), they married in 1875 Established woman’s chem. lab at MIT, became instructor of sanitary chemistry by 1884 Helped create the Association of Collegiate Alumnae (American
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Contending Voices Chapter 4 - Contending Voices Chapter 4...

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