Ch 8 notes Training

Ch 8 notes Training - Training Process 1. Conduct Training...

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Unformatted text preview: Training Process 1. Conduct Training and needs Analysis a. Organizational Analysis: short and long term goals, human resource needs, method of reaching HR needs (selection training), assessment of resource availability, evaluation of support for transfer of training b. Task (job) Analysis: identification of tasks, standards and optimal performance procedures c. Person Analysis: individuals against standards, identification of deficiencies, identification of causes (motivation vs. ability) d. Demographic Analysis: assess the specific training needs for various demographic groups (disabled, those protected by civil rights) Other reasons for training e. Poor performance visible f. Fad g. Reward h. Habit: always do training Types of Training i. On-site training: i. On-the job: most widely used training technique in organizations. New employees learn job by watching and being taught. Must be careful to not just pick anyone to teach or may teach wrong ii. Apprentice training: iii. Coaching: supervisors tell you info on current performance and discuss ideas and goals for improving that performance iv. Job rotation v. On line help j. Off site training i. Lectures and seminars ii. Multi-media presentations iii. Simulation iv. Case studies v. Role playing vi. Behavior modeling 2. Selection and Development of Training Methods Factors to consider: a. Purpose: based on needs analysis i. Common objectives: information acquisition ii. Skill development (interpersonal, problem solving, decision making) b. Principles of Learning: i. Motivation to learn: 1. Relevance and meaningfulness, adequate preparation, clear goals, reinforcement...
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Ch 8 notes Training - Training Process 1. Conduct Training...

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