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Chapter 4 text notes

Chapter 4 text notes - Chapter 4 Criterion Measurment...

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Chapter 4: Criterion Measurment Criteria are typically dependant variables that provide an indication of success or performance The Criterion problem Basic problem associated with criteria is a long-standing one Great difficulties involved in the process of defining and measuring performance criteria in that they tend to be both multidimensional and differentially appropriate for various purposes Performance comprises more than one dimension No one criterion is the perfect measure Defining Criteria and Their Properties Can disagree about thing not because criteria differ but because we evaluate people and things differently on the basis of those criteria Criteria: evaluative standards that can be used as yard sticks for measuring employees’ success or failure Also used for evaluating our training programs, validating our selection battery and making layoff and promotion decisions We need to be sure yard sticks are measuring the right thing and measuring it well Criterion in which I/O psych’s are MOST INTERESTED is performance Performance: actual on job behaviors that are relevant to the organizations goals Ultimate Criterion All aspects of performance that define success on the job R.L. Thorndike said: Something we can shoot for, but in actuality we can never completely define and measure every aspect of performance Theoretical construct that we develop as a guide or a goal to shoot for in measuring success Actual Criterion Best-real world representative of the ultimate criterion Develop it to overlap with the ultimate criterion as much as possible
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Consider only those elements that seem most important and that are most easily measured Criteria for the Criteria 5 Fundamental criteria 1. Relevance Crucial requirement for any criterion
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Chapter 4 text notes - Chapter 4 Criterion Measurment...

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