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CHEM3311 Final Exam

CHEM3311 Final Exam - CHEM 3311-100 Fall 2007 Final Exam...

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CHEM 3311-100 Fall 2007 Final Exam Professor R. Hoenigman I pledge to uphold the CU Honor Code: Signature______________________________________________ Name (printed)____________________________________________________ Last four digits of your student ID number_______________________________ Recitation TA_____________________________________________________ Recitation number, day, and time______________________________________ You have 2.5 hours to complete this exam. No model kits or calculators allowed. Periodic table and scratch paper are attached. DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. Recitation Sections: # Day Time TA Score 111 Monday 8 am Noel 151 Monday 2 pm Noel Page 1 ________/14 Page 6 ________/36 191 Monday 5 pm Noel 113 Tuesday 8 am Noel Page 2 ________/28 Page 7 ________/45 193 Tuesday 5 pm Noel 112 Wednesday 8 am Doug Page 3 ________/36 Page 8 ________/42 152 Wednesday 11 am Jon 192 Wednesday 5 pm Doug Page 4 ________/18 Page 9 ________/10 153 Thursday 8 am Noel Page 5 ________/31 TOTAL________/250
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CHEM 3311, Fall 2007 Final Exam, page 1 of 9 1. (8 pts) On the third exam, you were shown the structure of a drug hybrid of quinine and artemisinin, two drugs used to treat malaria. In the boxes below, label each indicated functional group. Label any alcohols, amines, or amides as 1°, 2°, or 3°. N H 3 CO HO N O O O O O O 2. (6 pts) One or more of the following names do not follow the IUPAC rules. Circle the incorrect name(s) and provide a correct IUPAC name.
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