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feb25 - • After King Wen’s death his son Wu became kin...

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Chinese Myth 115 Final Exam: 8AM Tuesday May 20 th ,08 February 25,2008 Mahar 108 King Zhou (Chou) and the end of the Shang the last ruler of the Shang dynasty was King Zhou Like King Jie of the Xia, Zhou is said to have been an evil man He neglected his royal duties He increased taxes to fund his pleasures He drank and caroused and did evil things The people resented his rule The Zhou dynasty follows the Shang Two men are associated with the founding of the Zhou: 1. King Wen of the Zhou, also known as Lord of the West (Xibo) 2. His son, King Wu The Zhou people are historically thought to have been from an area to the west of the Shang power center That is why King Wen began as Lord(or Earl) of the West Mythically, King Wen is portrayed as having a wise advisor (just as Tang of Shang had a valuable advisor in Yi Yin) King Wen’s advisor was Great Lord Wang Wang Taigong is also known as Jian Ziya or as Taigong Wang
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Unformatted text preview: • After King Wen’s death his son Wu became kin • Wu soon attacked King Zhou and the Shang • He was successful and the Zhou dynasty began • There is quite a lot of mythical lore associated with Kings Wen and Wu and the founding of the Zhou: He found Wang Taigong in a dream • A prognostication with tortoise shell was not favorable, but Wang Taigong had the shell destroyed • Bo Yi and Shu Qi tried to block King Wu, later starve themselves • The army was delayed by a snowstorm, during which King Wu was visited by the Lords of the Four Seas, the Lord of the River and the Master of Wind and Rain • They encouraged hum to attack • King Wu attacked and won • The zhou dynasty eas established • Wen means “civil, literary, having to do with Peace” • Wu means “Martiall,military, having to do with was • After the Zhou...
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