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D. Johnson 1 Douglas Johnson 12/2/07 HIST 231-02 Essay 2 English North America was in the process of being colonized by 1607. Settlers were coming from European countries to start a new life. They had distinct and separate motivations for colonizing, but they all had one central focus: freedom. Some came for wealth, and to discover a new land. One of the greatest nations in the world was started with thirteen individual but united in cause, colonies. Virginia was the first area of land to be colonized by settlers. It was founded in 1607 by the London Company during the reign of James I. It was given its charters in 1606, and again in 1609and finally in 1612. It was founded from a passionate desire to gain wealth. They did not really care about converting the so-called Native American to Christianity. It provided a good source for cash crops, and it was a Royal colony from 1624 to 1776. Massachusetts was then founded in 1620 by a group of Separatist Puritans. Their motivation was to find refuge where they could worship safely. They also wanted to create a home for themselves where they know they would be protected. William Bradford was elected many times as governor over the colony. It became a Royal colony in 1691. New Hampshire was the next colony to be founded. Jason Mason had been promised
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Carmical Essay 1 - D Johnson 1 Douglas Johnson HIST 231-02...

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