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Unformatted text preview: Fact: Over 97% of ACU students that eat in the Bean, pay more permeal than the actual price Aramark charges. Fact: ACU, not Aramark retains profit from meals unused by students Fact: 44% of lower-classmen at ACU pay more to enter the Bean than someone who pays in cash. "The Mean Bean" by Tim Thyne He said it... "ACU Meal Plans are a way for ACU to charge students more money through the back door to offer a competitive up front tuition rate and parents don't have a clue!" - - Maher Saab, former SA President What's the difference? Breakfast ACU Price $ 5.24 Plan A 4.87 Plan B 6.31 Plan C 8.30 Lunch $ 6.08 4.87 6.31 8.30 Dinner $ 6.17 4.87 6.31 8.30 Plan A Plan B Plan C Breakfast Lunch Dinner $ (0.37) $ (1.21) $ (1.30) 1.07 0.23 0.14 3.06 2.22 2.13 Interview with Anthony Williams Me: "Tony, what additional fees are lowerclassmen accruing? Tony: ...(no answer) Me: "Tony, what percentage of upper-classmen also buy Plans A, B, or C?" Tony: "At least 50%" "...and parents have no clue!" - Maher Saab Things are only getting worse... Fall 2006 Plan A = $4.87 Plan B = $6.31 Plan C = $8.30 Fall 2007 Plan A = $5.42 Plan B = $7.03 Plan C = $9.25 How can I get involved? Write or Talk to... Administration Friends Parents Submit Article to Optimist If we work together, we can beat the Mean Bean. ...
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