Lying Paper - Ethics Lying Paper Lying by Sissela Bok looks...

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Ethics Lying Paper Lying by Sissela Bok looks at lying in public and private life whether it is government officials or between family and friends. The book starts of by saying “The “whole truth” has seemed so obviously unattainable to some as to despair of human communication in general.” (pg. 4) I believe that this is true. The “whole truth” as stated by the author is impossible to achieve in daily life. From the “its nice to meet you” to “I’m doing fine” comments that perfunctorily roll from our mouths every day. Those who have been deceived by a liar find that the relationship between the friend, spouse, or government then becomes resentful and suspicious. I can definitely agree to this. Recently in Student Government Association my committee wrote a piece of legislation funding SGA members to go to Leadershape. After talking with the Administrative Vice President I learned that she did not agree with the legislation because she felt as though it was discriminatory against all those who were accepted into Leadershape. I asked her if I were to change it and make all members accepted that would she support it and she said “Yes! Definitely! Leadershape is an amazing program”;
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therefore, I did. After it passed Senate she then went behind my back and the Senates back and asked for a Veto. It hurt. She told me to my face that she would not. We have not spoken since. If I can not trust her to give just an honest opinion then how am I supposed to trust her with the Government’s money? It is hard to regain trust especially after it’s been broken so blatantly. The book Lying states that there is a difference between lies. In order to tell the weight of a lie one must “distinguish among lies according to the intention behind them and the harmfulness of their effects.” (pg. 34) A lie
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Lying Paper - Ethics Lying Paper Lying by Sissela Bok looks...

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