Lecture 06--WWII and the Middle East

Lecture 06--WWII and the Middle East - Lecture 6 I. WWII...

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Lecture 6 WWII and the Middle East 1 I. Egypt during WWII a. Allied to Britain, but neutral i. Cut ties with Axis powers ii. Still subject to air attacks, espionage, etc. b. Center of British Middle East theater i. British troops were there fighting, but Egypt maintained neutrality c. Impact on Egypt: i. Inflation ii. Food shortages iii. Self-sufficiency (positive) iv. Creation of over 200,000 jobs (positive) d. Political situation i. War undermined political situation ii. King Faruq and Ali Mahir and the Axis 1. Ali Mahir – Faruq’s key adviser; Prime Minister a. Pro-Fascist (Italy, Germany) b. Britain forces him to resign iii. February Fourth Incident (2/4/1942) 1. Faruq doesn’t like that Ali was forced to resign. 2. Rommel a. British ultimatum: Faruq can only stay if he cooperates with the Wafd party. i. He gives in and tells Ali to step down. 3. Repercussions: a. Undermined authority, both of King Faruq and the Wafd party iv. Arab League – 1945 1. Serves as sounding board/ “unifier” of Arab countries to circumvent British authority II. Iraq in WWII a. Political instability i. Faysal II – King at age 3 ii. Nuri al-Sa’id – Faysal II’s regent 1. Resigned in 1940 because so many people are anti-British iii. Pro-German because they’re anti-British iv. Four Colonels 1. Free Iraq from Britain’s foreign policy 2. Pan-Arabism a. Pro Nationalism, Pro-Fascist v. Rashid Ali 1. Four Colonels put him in power as Prime Minister 2. War with Britain – 1941 a. Britain wants to expand in Iraq to stop Germany from getting
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Lecture 06--WWII and the Middle East - Lecture 6 I. WWII...

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