Lecture 6-Other Eastern Religions

Lecture 6-Other Eastern Religions - 1 I. Other Eastern...

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1 Other Eastern Religions Lecture 6 I. Jainism a. 6 th century BC in reaction to Hindusim b. Mahavira (599-527 BCE) i. Founder – “the great hero” ii. Nataputta Vardhamana – his real name iii. Bihar, India – where Jainism was founded iv. As an Ascetic after he left his life of luxury 1. His brother told him to wait a year before leaving, so he spends that year giving away his stuff. 2. Seeking liberation from wheel of life 3. Doesn’t take anything that isn’t specifically offered 4. Joins Parsha, an ascetic order v. You can tell him apart from Buddha because he’s naked. c. Two Convictions i. Saving soul from evil – purging the contaminated matter from the soul 1. Impossible without ascetism ii. Maintaining purity of soul 1. Ahimsa – non-injury to any and all living things a. Walking – sweep bugs out of the way gently b. Refuses raw food i. The only food he’ll eat is leftovers from other people because he wasn’t the cause of the food’s destruction c. Filter water. d. Wear mask/handkerchief over mouth d. Jina – Mahavira when he gains liberation – “conqueror” (of his body and desires) i. Where Jainism gets its name ii. Mahavira dies at age 72 e. Sallakhana – Rite of voluntary self-starvation f. Karma is the matter/physical substance around the soul i. So bad karma is like plaque in your arteries, only around your soul ii. Impact on transmigration – world is very linear 1. Bad karma (heavier soul) means you move down
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Lecture 6-Other Eastern Religions - 1 I. Other Eastern...

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