Lecture 7-Zoroastrianism

Lecture 7-Zoroastrianism - 1 I. Zoroastrianism Lecture 7...

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Zoroastrianism Lecture 7 I. Origins of Zoroastrianism a. Reaction to Vedic religion b. Indo-European i. Medes and Persians ii. 1400-1000 BCE c. Zarathustra aka Zoroaster i. Virgin birth sometime between 1400 to 400 BCE in Iran 1. Born laughing 2. Animal protectors throughout his life ii. Trained priest iii. Married life 1. Married three times 2. Had three sons and three daughters iv. When I grow up, I want to be a prophet (at around age 30) 1. Vohu Mana – archangel a. Zoroaster has a vision of him while getting water during a fire festival 2. Ahura Mazda – Supreme God who appoints Zoroaster to preach the True Religion 3. True Religion goes against many norms of the time, so Zoroaster had some strong opposition a. Went 10 years without a single convert d. Message i. Monotheism (as opposed to Vedic multiple gods) 1. Ahura Mazda was the Supreme God ii. End of corruptive practices 1. Animal sacrifice 2. Soma or haoma e. Conversion of Vishtaspah (in Bactria – Now eastern Iran and Afghanistan) i. Horsing around 1. Zoroaster is in prison 2. The king’s horse becomes paralyzed and their sacrifices aren’t helping 3. The king brings Zoroaster out as a last resort. a. Zoroaster prays to Ahura Mazda and the horse is healed ii. Maga Brotherhood (aka Magi) 1. Priests of Zoroastrianism 2. Origin of the word “magic” 3. Coronation of king 4. Dream interpretations 5. Education in the religion 6. Accompany army 7. Advisers in politics II. Sacred Texts a. Avesta (500 BCE to 400 BCE) i. Yasna – Collection of prayers and liturgical formulas 1. Gathas – Hymns composed by Zoroaster ii. Visparat – Invocation of celestial lords and angels iii. Videvdat or Vendidad – Writings about ritual purification iv. Khorde Avesta – Daily prayers 1. Yashts – Hymns, epics, etc. b.
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Lecture 7-Zoroastrianism - 1 I. Zoroastrianism Lecture 7...

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