Lecture 8-Judaism - 1 Judaism Lecture 8*Two things that...

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1 Judaism Lecture 8 *Two things that make it unique: --Special Covenant between God and people --Avoided assimilation despite being controlled by other groups Who are the Jews? o Practitioners of Judaism o Ethnic? – NOT a race o World but not Universal Founders o Avots (Patriarchs) – equivalent of Sheikh o Abraham circa 1800 BCE Ur Eventually, leader of the Semitic people – eventually known as the Hebrews B’rit or covenant Abraham has a conversation with God – “If you and your ancestors worship me, I’ll give you a Promised Land.” Canaan – the Promised Land o Second Migration – 1700 BCE Lots of other people moving around as well – other Semitic people, Indo-Europeans, etc. Famine, so they move to Egypt – settle in Plain of Goshan o Hyksos (1580-1560 BCE) Dominate much of the area and eventually conquer Egypt o New Kingdom 1570-1070 BCE Ramses II (1279-1213 BCE) Needs cheap labor to build cities so he enslaves the Hebrews Hebrews are multiplying, so Egypt decides to kill male children o Moses Basket baby – he’s found by a princess and raised as Egyptian nobility Kills overseer who was beating a slave – he then flees into Midia and is found by Jethro Jethro and Zipporah Moses marries Zipporah Moses as shaman Has a conversation with a burning bush – God says He’s holding Moses to Abraham’s Covenant Magic duel – Moses against the Egyptian priests o Moses summons the ten plagues Plagues and Passover o Rivers and other water sources turned to blood, killing all fish and other water life (Dam) o Frogs o Lice or gnats (Kinim) o Flies or beasts (Arov) o Disease on livestock (Dever) o Unhealable boils (Shkhin) o Hail mixed with fire (Barad) o Locusts (Arbeh) o Darkness (Choshech) o Death of the first-born of all Egyptian families (Makat Bechorot) Passover – Hebrew families are passed over by the angel of death Exodus
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2 Judaism Lecture 8 Red or Reed? – Moses could have crossed further north, in the Reed Sea, where the water was shallow, or he could have crossed at low tide, when chariots get stuck in the mire of the coastline Mt. Sinai and Ten Commandments Promised Land o Kingdom of Israel (Circa 1200-585 BCE) Early beliefs o Yahweh or Jehovah o Ethical monotheism – focus is on ethics o Prophets Remembering the Covenant – this is their purpose…to remind people of the Covenant o Sacrifices – initially, there were animal sacrifices
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Lecture 8-Judaism - 1 Judaism Lecture 8*Two things that...

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