Lecture 9-Christianity

Lecture 9-Christianity - 1 Origins o Jesus Christianity...

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1 Christianity Lecture 9 Origins o Jesus Born circa 4 CE Christos – Greek for Messiah Virgin birth Matthew and Luke o The only two that really note there’s a virgin birth Age 30 – Jesus resurfaces and becomes a major figure Baptized by John the Baptist Turning point/awakening – “spirit journey” in wilderness The Mission Galilee – he preaches here at the border because his message doesn’t really mesh with conservative Judea Supporters – 12 Disciples and other lower ranking people o Most are commoners, some with undesirable jobs (tax collector, etc.) o Some view him as prophet, some as son of God Sabbath traditions – he violates some of them/doesn’t abide by all 39 o Doesn’t seem to care about ritual cleanliness o Scorns religious elite because they’re morally lacking What next? o Crucifixion – reason isn’t really clear, but basically he made a lot of people mad (he was a rebel) Christian tradition says he’s a sacrifice for everyone else o Resurrection Three days later, rises 40 days later, ascends to Heaven Savuot (10 days later) – several followers start speaking in tongues (speaking with the spirit world [Jesus]) o Christianity and the Roman Empire Waves of persecution, but eventual acceptance Christian scripture o The Canon – written guide accepted by the religious community) – Bible Old Testament – the history and the call for a Messiah Apocrypha – Books forsaken by Judaism – not key books Seven books brought in – Septuagint o Tobit o Judith o Book of Wisdom o Ecclesiasticus o Baruch o Maccabees 1 o Maccabees 2 o Daniel and Esther supplements o Usually not included in Protestant Bibles Council of Trent – 1546
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2 Christianity Lecture 9 o Finalized the Old Testament New Testament – about the founder of the religion and about the new covenant created at the Last Supper Gospels – life teachings of Jesus o Four accepted as canon Acts – history of the apostles Epistles – letters of Paul Revelation – about the final victory of God 367 and 382 CE o 367 – first finalized mention of New Testament o 382 – Completely final form of the Bible The teachings o Fatherhood of God Everyone is a child of God
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Lecture 9-Christianity - 1 Origins o Jesus Christianity...

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