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THE EUROPEAN MIRACLE (1-7-08) Same latitude as Canada, northern US, Siberia o Rome=NYC; Cairo=Tallahassee o So how does Europe exist? Gulf Stream/North Atlantic Drift Trade winds flow into Europe Most of Europe has low topography; very flat Nothing to stop warm ocean air from flowing over it Alps divide topography and steer winds (Alps really jump out of nowhere) o North of Alps=warm and wet; South of Alps=warm and dry (Mediterranean) North European Plain—very fertile land Carpathian Mountains ring the Great Hungarian Plain
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Unformatted text preview: Europe is essentially a large peninsula, surrounded by water. • Cheaper for transportation of goods, people, communication, etc. Rivers are great transportation routes • Europe is “well-watered” • Rivers can be traversed far inland because the land is relatively flat. • “Natural highway system” • Europe is very environmentally vulnerable o Especially to the melting of the Arctic, which would interfere with the North Atlantic Drift...
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