05 - Franks: From Childeric to Charlemagne

05 - Franks: From Childeric to Charlemagne - The Franks...

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The Franks: From Childeric to Charlemagne Lecture 5 Not a lot of cohesive state government o On a local level, people (German and Roman) got to know each other a lot better. Childeric Early Franks o Childeric is the first great Germanic chieftain to come into the Roman Empire o Germans being pushed into Roman Empire They envied Rome’s prosperity, so they easily adopted some Roman things. Frankish Confederation o Frankish tribes band together in a defensive alliance Childeric takes it over Gregory of Tours o Main source of information on Franks because he wrote the history of the Franks Tomb of Childeric o Goods, horses, etc. buried with him in Germanic tradition Goods, however, are Roman things Ex: Seal ring depicts him as a Roman soldier Childeric died in 481 o His son, Clovis, age 15, establishes Frankish domination. He must demonstrate power/bravery to gain the respect of his people, so he invades Gaul. Goes all the way to the Pyrenees Establishes the capital of the empire at Rheims Roman Alliance Clovis (481-511) Empire Rheims: Capital of empire o Clovis promises to reward Sigibert’s son if he kills him. Sigibert’s son does kill him, but when he comes to collect from Clovis, Clovis kills him in turn. Clovis then tells the Rhineland Franks that he has avenged Sigibert’s death Rhineland Franks declare Clovis as their leader o All Franks are now under one king. Clovis = Louis o Louis I Merovingian (Merowig or Merovech) o Clovis/Louis I begins Merovingian dynasty o Named for Clovis’s grandfather Merowig Alliance in 508 with Byzantine Emperor Anastasius o Validated as official inheritors Christianity o Because Clovis was opposed to Aryanism, which was embraced by his enemies/rivals (Visigoths and Vandals) o Set him apart from other Germans o It is said that Clovis forced all Franks to convert Christianity does become more acceptable, but conversion doesn’t happen overnight Conversion o Battlefield conversion o As Clovis is praying for victory, he hears a voice from God telling him to “adore what thy has burned and burn what thou has adored” 1
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The Franks: From Childeric to Charlemagne Lecture 5 Clotild o Wife of Clovis o Raised in the Roman tradition of Christianity Battle of the Alamanni o Where Clovis’s battlefield conversion to Christianity happened St. Remigius o Baptizes Clovis o Papal legate (acts for the Pope in the Pope’s name) o Establishes very important connection between the Papacy and the Merovingians o Reformed pagan who established monasteries throughout Germanic lands o Credited with the conversion of the Franks o Columban = Celtic Christianity o Boniface = Roman Christianity Clovis establishes Merovingian laws based on Germanic laws o Laws against assault, robbery, rape, slander, etc. o
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05 - Franks: From Childeric to Charlemagne - The Franks...

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