06 - Feudalism - 1 Feudalism Lecture 6 *The term "Dark...

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1 Feudalism Lecture 6 *The term “Dark Ages” was coined during the Renaissance because they viewed the time after the fall of the Roman Empire as the collapse of culture and civilization. *Enlightenment viewed Dark Ages as the tyranny of Christianity *Industrial Revolution: Dark Ages is used to describe everything since Rome because the buildings, architecture, etc. disappeared *Romantic Period: Dark Ages concept gets swept away *Life in the Dark Ages was horrible. *Early 20 th c – Push to say there was no such thing as “Dark Ages” *60s-70s: No Dark Ages *80s-90s: Yes, Dark Ages; it was an area/portion of the Middle Ages in which Europe experienced an extinguishing of certain things (education, life expectancy, etc.) associated with civilization *”Late Antique Period” – Constantine to Charlemagne *Connecting it to the collapse of the Roman Empire/transition period *OR “Early Middle Ages” – 476 to 800 *New state is developing *High Middle Ages (After Early Middle Ages): Rise of the Gothic coming out of primitive art that existed until 1000 *Evidence people use to say the Dark Ages didn’t exist *Creation of governmental systems *Universities *New art *Etc. ORIGINS OF FEUDALISM Heartland o Old Gaul (France) o Roman and Germanic influence German: German leader chosen by popular acclamation Concept of duty owed to the king because the king has a duty to you – mutual concept of government Comitatus: Submission to the will of the lord you’ve chosen Ingenui in Obsequio o Roman sense of duty plus a type of bodyguard – free men often gave their
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06 - Feudalism - 1 Feudalism Lecture 6 *The term "Dark...

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