08 - Papacy and Empire

08 - Papacy and Empire - 1 Papacy and Empire Lecture 8...

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1 Papacy and Empire Lecture 8 CHURCH AND EMPIRE What ties Holy Roman Empires and the Church together? Clovis converted the Franks with his baptism as a Roman Trinitarian Christian. Monasteries spread all over Europe that reported back to a superior monastery o Ready-made government Donation of Pepin becomes the Papal States Charlemagne re-affirms the Donation of Pepin and is crowned by the Pope as Holy Roman Emperor Papacy is weak, and there are usually two Popes (Pope and anti-Pope) EMPIRE REBORN Holy Roman Emperors mediate between families and essentially choose the Popes East is weaker than the West o Break into original Germanic tribes o Landowners become militia leaders Become very powerful; take over power of kings Reason they’re not kings: o Church wanted strong theocratic leader/emperor o Magyar Invasion was so strong, swift, and ruthless that it required one strong central leader to hold them off Church convinces Germanic lords to elect a king o Lords that gather to elect the king were called the Great Electors First elected emperor was the weakest duke in the entire empire o Because the lords didn’t want to give up their individual power o Gets killed Second elected was the strongest duke o Henry the Fowler , Duke of Saxony (919-936) Brilliant general – stops Magyars and Viking invasions Establishes precedent of leaving local affairs to the local nobility while he handles international affairs Greatest weakness of Holy Roman Empire Struggle lasts through the Reformation Otto the Great (936-973) is elected after Henry’s death o Reconstructs 2/3 of Charlemagne’s empire o First of the great Holy Roman Emperors o Establishes the Ottonians Build empire Papacy and empire get even closer OTTO THE GREAT Essentially creates what we call the Holy Roman Empire Defeats the Lombards in 951 in northern and southern Italy Battle of Lechfeld – 955 – Otto defeats the Magyars 962 – Otto is crowned emperor by Pope John XII o John then reels against Otto and Otto gets rid of him and convokes a synod to create a new Pope. Otto is recognized by the Byzantine Empire as the Roman Emperor in the west o Otto’s son then marries a Byzantine princess o Otto wanted to resurrect the Roman Empire Otto is forced to use the Church as government o He personally appoints bishops, abbots, archbishops, etc. o Church included in feudal system as landowners and as political entities
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2 Papacy and Empire Lecture 8 Bound by common interests to send troops to emperor Conrad II and Henry III stretch the empire to its greatest point. PAPAL PROBLEMS 9 th century Popes needed to keep kings/emperors from influencing the Church o Donation of Constantine – forged by Popes as a way to not be controlled by the Carolingians o Decretals of Pseudo-Isidore of Seville Isidore created the Donation of Constantine But most of what we have of his writings probably aren’t his, so we call him
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08 - Papacy and Empire - 1 Papacy and Empire Lecture 8...

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