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comm 203 study guide exam 1 - Stacy Levyn COMM 203 Study...

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Stacy Levyn COMM 203 Study Guide Exam #1 Lecture Content: Defining Mass Communication and Media Effects: Stages of mass communication (6) 1. Professional communicators decided to create a message specialists in industry - Gather, edit, seek to design message - Someone decides to send a message 2. Messages are encoded - Formulation process - Shape and Reshaped 3. Messages are transmitted - Transmitted rapidly - Messages diffuse very quickly - Flashbulb memory: now print cognitive memory in the mind Ex: Sept. 11 - Continuously ex: watching OC every Thursday - Medium: device used to communicate a message by moving physical info over distance or preserving it through time 4. Audience - Large, heterogeneous 5. Messages are decoded - By audience - Variation 6. Messages influences audience - Impacted in some way due to exposure - Trivial to profound *Defluer and Dennis definition of Mass Communication: “A process in which professional communicators use the media to disseminate messages widely, rapidly, and continuously to arouse intended meanings in large and diverse audiences to influence them in a variety of ways.” Intended- refers to deliberate attempts on the part of the communicator to influence the recipient in some way Are all effects intended? - Challenger explosion- 1 st educator to go to space - Unintended effect of the challenger liftoff was the challenger explosion - Oklahoma Bombing- image of fireman holding baby stuck in viewers mind - Especially children because the baby looks and acts like them
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What are the unintended consequences of viewing the horrible images? - Should the media be broadcasting these types of things? Intended messages/effects (5) 1. Impact of commercial advertising - Advertisers intend to persuade - In advertising humor is powerful Ex: Dr. Pepper commercial 2. Impact of political campaigns on voting 3. Impact of public service announcements - Prosocial impact of media - Unpaid commercials - Ex: Brain on drugs 4. Impact of campaigns to change lifestyles - Identify a social problem- smoking - Change attitudes/behaviors - Behaviors are more difficult to change - Across channels (media and interpersonal) - Fear appeals-used very often - Must hit moderate amounts of fear 5. Impact of campaigns on ideology and lifestyle - Totalitarian governments - Use media and interpersonal channels to control beliefs - Ex: Adolph Hitler Unintended- designed for purposes other than to exert social influence, usually to entertain and my result in a negative outcome. Unintended messages/effects (4) 1. Impact of television violence - Concern: leads to aggression Ex: Jackass - Frightened - Desensitized - We saw a movie on scary movies and UK children’s perspectives-mostly talked about Chuckie 2. Impact of sexually explicit content - Influence men’s attitudes and beliefs 3. Under representation - Never see poor/elderly in media - Also, Native Americans, disabled, and psychological - Concern: heavy viewers get skewed view of the world 4. Impact of misrepresentation
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comm 203 study guide exam 1 - Stacy Levyn COMM 203 Study...

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