A&P II Notes March 13

A&P II Notes March 13 - Anatomy &...

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Unformatted text preview: Anatomy & Physiology II Notes 3/13/07 Exam 2 thru cardiovascular system incl. Dean Ornish article Lymphatic System One function is to transport tissue fluid from the interstitial space back into the circulatory system o System of vessels and some structures, some of the vessels are located in similar areas as some blood vessels and are involved in transport of tissue fluid o Always a certain amount of fluid that leaks out of the capillaries into the interstitial space Involved in the protection of the body from infectious agents and foreign substances o This aspect works together with the immune system Lymphatic capillaries o Similarities to blood capillaries: one cell layer thick, located in areas where blood capillaries and venules are o Differences from blood capillaries: endothelial cells which make up the walls are placed so that there is an overlap of one cell over the other and there is an open space in between which forms a small valve allows for fluid entry, filaments anchor the capillaries to...
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A&P II Notes March 13 - Anatomy &...

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