A&P II Notes March 22

A&P II Notes March 22 - Anatomy &...

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Unformatted text preview: Anatomy & Physiology II Notes 3/22/07 Immune System B Cells involved in humoral immunity, make antibodies, derived from bone marrow, different cells have different receptors (difference is in which type of antigen the receptor can bind to) o Antigen binds to receptor stimulation of the B cell to proliferate (divide many times) clone of cells that have exactly the same receptor on their surface most go on to differentiate and become plasma cells Plasma cells mature B cells that start to produce and secrete antibody Antibody secreted by plasma cells has the same receptor as the initial receptor and are able to bind to the antigen and eliminate it Memory B cells cells that dont differentiate into plasma cells, important because they are able to respond to a future exposure to the same antigen much faster T Cells involved in cellular immunity, recognize antigens on surfaces on cells, get involved directly with cells, mature in the thymus, receptors bind to MHC (major histocompatibility complex), able to identify if MHC is ours or not o MHC category of molecules on the surface on our cells that are unique to each of us...
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A&P II Notes March 22 - Anatomy &...

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