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History II Notes Jan 30 - Modern History II Notes –...

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Modern History II Notes – 1/30/07 1848 and The Crises of Mid-Century Mexican-American War. Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo. American Civil War. Qing Empire. Opium War. Meiji Restoration. Taiping Rebellion. Nationalism kicks in with a vengeance in the 1840s o An entity of the left side of the political spectrum o Unstable in its ideological tradition Mexican-American War o Mexico gained independence in 1823, many shifts in ideology and politics from 1823-1848, slavery is abolished in 1829 (left only three slave societies – US, Cuba, and Brazil) o War occurs from 1846-1848 James K. Polk becomes president in 1844 – “manifest destiny” is coined in 1845 by one of the supporters (John O’Sullivan – Irishman from NYC) of Polk and his expansionist, pro-slavery politics Suggested that it is God’s plan for the US to become a continental nation (take over all of North America) War begins in 1846 with Polk and a coalition of Democrats and Southern Whigs – absolute disaster for the Mexican state First foreign war for the US September 1847 – Winfield Scott conquers Mexico (takes Texas, but also Mexican capital) o Struggle that opens up the greatest wave of dissent in US history – Mass. state legislature denounces the war, North (New England especially) takes an anti-expansionist and anti-slavery society o Abraham Lincoln – young Whig congressman, makes a name for himself as the most strident politician against the war from 1846-1848,
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History II Notes Jan 30 - Modern History II Notes –...

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