History II Notes Feb 15

History II Notes Feb 15 - Modern History II Notes 2/15/06...

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Unformatted text preview: Modern History II Notes 2/15/06 Britain in India in 1857 Spices and fine cloths first attracted Europeans to India incredibly valuable goods European power in Europe until the 18 th century was limited to the ports in India most political power remained in the hands of Indian leaders Mughal Empire - major power in India during this time, very little interest in the ports, land- based, ruled from Delhi by he emperor who held the diwani, in decline by the mid 18 th century began to break apart through a gradual process states emerged within the empire and the diwani passed to the nawab (king) of the different states Diwani represented two things: responsibility for the civil administration for the society security, legal and justice system, maintenance of roads and markets, and power to tax taxes involved everything produced from the land (agricultural-based), could be as much as 1/3 of every farmers harvest o States over time become increasingly autonomous, sometimes warred against each other In this context that the British first gained some power in India British extended their reach into India through companies owned by shareholders and managed by merchants o East India Co. endowed by Great Britain with monopoly on their trade with South Asia Controlled by companys board of directors and not by Parliament decisions made by the men who were actually in India and understood the local situation Officers were working for the company but also for themselves businessmen on their own behalf through a widespread practice known as private trade o Private trade generally involved in the internal trade within India (because exports were monopolized by the company), demand grew within India for British goods and many of the men made...
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History II Notes Feb 15 - Modern History II Notes 2/15/06...

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