Fractions CLE - Connected M/S/T Learning Experience(CLE(30...

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Connected M/S/T Learning Experience (CLE) (30 Pts) Kimberly Braga Michelle Verre November 12, 2007 CLE Title: Fractions Main Subject Focus: CLE 2 = ( M /s/t) Attached. CLE Summary & Focus Concept: Through participation in these activities, students will gain an understanding of fractions, fraction equivalences and the relevance of fractions in everyday life. Students will work on their own, in pairs and in groups on a series of activities to increase their knowledge of fractions Curricular Connections: Attached. Science: Mathematics: Technology: Materials List: Attached. Intro: Hershey bars for entire class and The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Fraction Book by: Jerry Pallotta. Grade Range: 3-5 Time Frame: M/S/T Standards and Evidence: Attached. Objectives: Attached. Pre-Activities / Prior knowledge: Attached. Introduction / Setting the stage: We will begin to introduce this CLE by using the Concept Development Model . The students will be told to come and sit together on the carpet so that a discussion about fractions can take place. We will ask students to raise their hands and tell us anything they know or think they know about fractions, then we will record what they say on chart paper. Next we will read The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Fraction Book by: Jerry Pallotta. This will help them visually to see what fractions are using chocolate. Then each student will receive a Hershey bar. They will count how many pieces there are on one bar (12). This activity is to introduce fractions as parts of a whole. So first they know they have 12 pieces, and they haven’t eaten any, so that leaves them with 12/12 which is one whole. Then we would instruct them to eat one piece, or set aside one piece, and ask “How many pieces of chocolate does that leave you?” the students will respond 11, which means they have 11 out of 12 left (11/12). We would continue like this until there are no pieces left. When this is through we will discuss as a class how we should define the word fraction. Using all the students input we will define fraction and use that definition throughout the unit. Inquiry-based Activities ( italicize the guiding/probing questions ): Attached. Activity 1
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Activity 2 Activity 3 Guiding / Probing Questions: Attached. Conclusion / Putting it all together: The whole class will participate in a discussion about the new material that they have learned and the four activities that have been done over the past few days. I will ask the students questions such as “What did you like about the activities?”, “What didn’t you like?”, “Is there anything we didn’t go over that you would have liked us too?” After I hear responses from the children, they will be given a worksheet to complete back at their assigned seats in order to review for the short quiz they will be given later on. On this worksheet, they will write down in their own words the definition of fraction. After everyone in the class has finished the handout, I
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Fractions CLE - Connected M/S/T Learning Experience(CLE(30...

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