Hurricane CLE - Connected M/S/T Learning Experience (CLE)...

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Connected M/S/T Learning Experience (CLE) (30 Pts) Kimberly Braga November 7, 2007 CLE Title: Hurricanes Main Subject Focus: CLE 1 = (m/ S /t) I will have the students using a web based activity found here . I modified this by not doing all the activities, I only used two. I didn’t want the students to be on the computer for too long, so I cut it to two and then the children would come together as a whole class to discuss further. I also used another E-sheet where I also cut down the amount of activities they would be doing online. The link for that E-sheet is . I love the idea of students being engaged in the internet and computers, but by moderation, they shouldn’t be on the computer an entire day. I also used this lesson about weather, and children charting high and low temperature over a period of 30 days. . I added that after the 30 days are up, each child will be assigned a week to keep recording this data, so the students can actually see the changed over the course of the entire school year, not just one month. I would also record this myself using the computer and print a copy for the children so they can see over the course of the following year how the temperatures match up. CLE Summary & Focus Concept: In this CLE the students will be learning about weather, most importantly hurricanes. Students will examine different scientific aspects of hurricanes, in an effort to understand how they form, where they form, when they form etc. Students will explore how technology and science are used today to identify, measure, and track powerful tropical storms to better warn and secure people from their often-devastating impact. Curricular Connections: Science : introduce weather, storms and hurricanes and how they affect the world. The vocabulary associated with hurricanes, how, where and why they form. Mathematics : Students will collect, organize and describe weather data. Then they will construct, read, and interpret different displays of data, such as line graphs, line plots, and stem-and-leaf plots. Technology : Students will examine the role of technology in identifying and tracking hurricanes. They will also be using computers and the internet quite a bit to see videos and engaging websites. Materials List: Intro: Chart paper, markers, foil, and oak tag. Activity 1 (Weather Watchers): Newspapers and weather internet sites. Activity 2 (The Science of Hurricanes): Science of Hurricanes student worksheet, teacher sheet, computers with internet access.
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Activity 3 (Tracking Hurricanes): Tracking Hurricanes Student and Teacher sheet. Grade Range:
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Hurricane CLE - Connected M/S/T Learning Experience (CLE)...

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